Hi Ladies


I know it’s a corny selfie but hey, just for laughs!

I’m Jenny Clarks and I started BigButtFirm.com in early 2014 to help women out there get a bigger butt. It feels like forever since I’ve been doing squats and lunges to get a bigger be-hind and I am literally fed up since I just haven’t go the ‘big toned firm butt’ that I am after. I have had an obsession with trying to get my bum bigger ever since I was a teenager and now that I am in my early thirties I delved deeper into finding ways to make my bum look bigger, apart from just doing bum workouts. I guess my inner determination to get a bigger butt is probably the fact that there is so many girls on Instagram these days that have such an amazing, toned bum – and I envy that! I also know that I have been exercising for over 15 years now and I have been doing squats and lunges and I am still not there!

So here is 2014 and I’ve started looking into other natural ways to make my butt look bigger. Hence, with all my handy little tips, tricks and secrets to get a bigger tush, I want to share all this with you through my site BigButtFirm.

Another reason why I started this site is because it seems that alot of women are now opting for butt augmentation surgery. It’s similar to breast implants in that silicone butt implants are injected into the buttocks of a women (but I’ll write a post about it soon to explain it fully). I can’t believe there is a trend for this and it’s growing in demand. Hence, why I wanted to start this site to give women confidence out there and some handy little tricks that any woman can use to make your bum look bigger without having to spend a fortune or go under the knife!

Anyway, hope you enjoy the site. Any questions, please leave a comment or contact me.


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